Vitamin C: The Real Story – The Remarkable and Controversial Healing Factor even with Cancer – The Remarkable and Controversial Story of Vitamin C

Dr. rer. nat. Steve Hickey / Dr. phil. Andrew W. Saul: Vitamin C: The Real Story: The Remarkable and Controversial Healing Factor: The Remarkable and Controversial Story of Vitamin C


„This not a review as we usually understand it.This is the brief account of personal experience based on the actual use of the excellent and comprehensive information this book provides.Three years ago I had a heart attack. The stent was inserted into one of my heart arteries to remove the obstruction.The whole experience was a total shock, as I was always religiously following the life style guidelines ( right food, plenty of exercise ) that were supposed to remove the risk of getting my arteries damaged.Well, this event showed, that the guidelines, although good, were NOT SUFFICIENT.I obviously MISSED SOMETHING THAT WAS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for maintaining the integrity of artery wall.So, I was very motivated to find that missing element;….and, discovered a huge amount of work on Vitamin C and its functions. Based on the understanding I gained, I started to use the Vitamin C BASED THERAPY detailed in this book.
To check its effectiveness I have had ultrasonic test (UT) done every 6 months on my carotid artery, where the artery wall damage was present as well.I am very happy now, as I see the evidence of this wall damage healing and receding. Doctor who is doing this Test is absolutely amazed. And, if it was not for this evidence he would pay no attention…..BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT VITAMIN C CANNOT DO THIS…Well, do not believe what I am saying, do much better: Study, understand, use and TEST THE BENEFITS.I wish you presence of mind to do it. “

„An entire book about vitamin C? Is there really that much more to say about this subject? As it turns out, there is a great deal more to be said, and Drs. Hickey and Saul say it very well! In this very well-written, well-referenced book, we learn specifically how this essential nutrient works in our bodies to help create and maintain optimum health. We are taken on a journey into the world of our cells, into the world of free radicals and antioxidants, and shown with great clarity, the truly remarkable role that vitamin C plays in the healthy maintenance of our bodies.We learn also, of the history of vitamin C research, and why the mainsteam medical community has chosen to ignore this research. Most importantly, we learn specifically how we can best benefit from the many decades of research on vitamin C, in order to gain and maintain good health in our own lives.For anyone confused by the seemingly conflicting information printed in the mainstream press about vitamin C, I highly recommend this detailed, yet highly readable book. Reading VITAMIN C: THE REAL STORY, will likely change the way you think about vitamin C. Then again, it just may change your life.“

„Apart from various websites, this is the first book I’ve read about Vitamin C and I found it immensely informative and very valuable. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in achieving optimal health and avoiding as much disease as possible later in life. Saul & Hickey do a good job explaining the history, the science, methodology and reasoning behind large doses, the controversy, and the chemistry. All this is covered as you proceed through the book and sets you up well for their synthesis in the final chapters where they lay down a very detailed explanation of how the fundamental cause of atherosclerosis is highly likely to arise from less than optimal levels of antioxidants, particularly Vitamin C, in the body. This was the section I found the most interesting. The book also has a great section on cancer, how it develops, and how Vitamin C can play a role in prevention and treatment…..“