Dr. med. Dr. iur. Thomas Levy: Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins

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Dr. med. Dr. iur. Thomas Levy: Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins


Several years ago the author, cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD was asked to assist Hal Huggins, DDS, with a number of Dr.  Huggins‘ dental patients. Each of the patients was quite ill and obviously suffering with one or more very serious medical conditions. Prior to sedating each patient Dr. Huggins asked Dr. Levy to administer a specific protocol of vitamin C.Dr. Levy had never performed or even heard of such a practice, but was greatly impressed as each patient left the dental office markedly improved — many were asymptomatic. As a result, his interest in vitamin  C was greatly aroused and he began a search through all the medical literature for any studies concerning this vitamin therapy and the miraculous results he had witnessed time and time again.He quickly found the medical journals were filled with thousands of studies and articles about vitamin  C. Many of them reported similarly dramatic results with a myriad of diseases and other difficult medical conditions. Dr. Levy knew that this was information that all his colleagues needed. Consequently, he was compelled to spend the next four years researching and writing Curing the Incurable. Because this book was written especially for his medical colleagues, Dr.  Levy has taken great care to research, document, and report the vital truths about vitamin C — he cites over 1,200 scientific references.
Curing the Incurable provides the information you need to most effectively use vitamin C to:

Prevent, cure, reverse and/or greatly improve a massive list of health conditions.
Cut your mortality risk (from all causes) by as much as 50%.
Boost your immune system and energy levels to optimum levels.
Optimize blood and intracellular levels of vitamin C.
Dramatically increase bio-availability (up to 800% or more) without increasing your dose size.
Avoid gastric discomfort, the diarrhea, and increased urination that prove most of your large doses of vitamin C are headed for the sewer.
And much, much more.

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„The problem is that most doctors, brainwashed by medical schools who teach a medical philosophy outlined the the pharmaceutical industry, are reluctant—if not ferociously opposed to treating illness through natural means. Those doctors are definitely in the profession for the money and prestige. They don’t care it you get well or die, they still get paid. They are nothing more than paid shills to dispense drugs for the pharmaceutical companies. It is pathetic.
I practiced nursing for over 20 years and watched how these doctors intentionally keep you sick so they can make more money off of you. Gotta be able to make that Porsche payment you know.
My entire medical philosophy has changed and I am no longer affiliated with murderous medicine.
Don’t doctors take the Hippocratic Oath anymore? The oath that promises to „First, do no harm.“ And yet the first thing they do is cut on you, fry you with radiation, or poison you with toxic deadly chemicals.The next time you have an ailment, ask your doctor what is causing it. They won’t know and will probably resent being questioned. They are taught to medicate symptoms, not to determine what the cause is and then how to alleviate the symptoms through natural means. If so, find a new doctor. One who truly wants to help people get and stay well.
Nearly all disease is caused by nutritional deficiency and toxic overload, NOT GENETICS. It only seems that way because poor nutritional choices are passed from generation to generation. You are not doomed to the same illnesses and causes of death as your ancestors.“

„Please read this book! I have used ascorbic acid (AKA vitamin C) for years as well as the whole food Cataplex C from Standard Process (which is a real/whole vitamin C complex). I have heard Linus Pauling lecture on ascorbic acid and its value. The missing piece that this book fills in, however, is the vital information on how much to use! Wow! I had the flu and a bacterial infection in my lungs when I started reading the book. I ordered Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from Amazon and got it the next day. The day before — when I ordered it — I could not even hold one sip of water down. The next day, however, I could. As soon as I found my bowel tolerance for both the ascorbic acid powder and the Lypo-Spheric C, my illness was gone. I mean it was like a light switch had been turned on. I went from tired, weak and achy to well. Now one caution. Once I felt well I knew i had to keep taking the Lypo-Spheric but I didn’t. I relapsed a little the next day and so I again took mega doses of these products. and continued to take them at low levels for the next few days without relapse. I now keep both substances on hand for the family.So the lesson is that there isa tipping point where some vitamin C is helpful, but where the right amount cures.Another aspect of the book that is extremely important is what vitamin C can be used for. Basically anything viral, many bacterial infections, toxins, poisonings, and more. There are many case histories included. When the author wrote the book, the principle means of getting stellar results was to use intravenous (IV) and venous injected vitamin C along with oral vitamin C powders. In this latest edition of the book, Dr Levy introduces Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C at the end of the book and touts that it is more efficacious than IV C (with some reservations). For example, 5 g Lypo-Spheric is equivalent to 100 g IV vitamin C and 10 g Lypo equivalent to 250 g IV C. Dr Levy became involved with LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C well after he had written the earlier editions of this book. The story is online.“

„I have used vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals and amino acids quite extensively and I have good reasons believe that my arterial blockages were controlled because of it. I have considered myself as a very well informed micro-nutrient nut. I have always felt so very discouraged by the constant barrage of anti-micro-nutrient propaganda for so many years. But this book is an astonishing slap in the face of those who deny the veracity of vitamin C. It was heartening to learn that 20,000 articles had been published on this substance till 2002 and almost 350 papers are published annually! Dr. Levy lists many infectious diseases and cancers that have been cured by it. He goes on to note what doses are required and what considerations go into adjusting them for individual cases. He also lists, in many cases, the success rates achieved by physicians. This is astonishing. Even more astonishing is the fact that not only is this substance not used in medical therapy, the profession is downright hostile to it. I have experienced that first hand through the condescending smiles of my own family physician.After reading this book, the vitamin-nutrient detractors‘ lies lay exposed in front of me and that was very heartening. I can now hold my head high and with full confidence tell my contrarian physician that he is wrong. I recommend this book highly for all those who want to take responsibility for their own health and not succumb to the scare mongering of the vendors of poisonous concoctions.My only reservation is that the book does not address the issue of congestive heart disease so eminently attacked by Drs. Mathis Rath and Linus Pauling. While this is only one disease left out among the many that are addressed, it is a huge epidemic and should have been dealt with quite extensively. This is the reason for my 4 star rating. But for that this book gets 5 stars from me.“